The Scholarship Essay that Made a Teacher’s Tech Dreams Come True

Photo by Miami Save the Kids from Incarceration Group

I remember the first moment I felt it. A cool breeze brushed across my face, filling me with chills that stung like a hurled glass of ice water. Thousands of longing hands stretched out to me from barred windows above. The words plastered on our demonstration signs surrounded me at every turn.

“Keep Them Empty.”

“Stop the Violence.”

There I stood engulfed in that protest against mass incarceration in Atlanta, not realizing how pivotal that experience would be. The speaker soon approached the podium and told us that lawmakers…

Tech Empowerment vs. Tech Dependency in the Age of COVID-19

Photo from NME

While most of us anxiously await the chance to put 2020 behind us, there is one unhurried soul merrily reveling in the bounty of this year — Baby Shark.

Indeed, just this month, the beloved underwater character and his entire Pinkfong clan claimed the title of “Most Watched YouTube Video of All Time,” soaring well above 7.04 million views.

While this feat may come as a surprise to many, a quick glance into the data will reveal that this isn’t astounding at all, especially considering the video’s appeal to one of the largest demographics in YouTube’s consumer base: children. …

Terranie Clarke

EdTech Enthusiast. Software Engineer. Advocate for Educational Equity. Actively coding, writing and dreaming about ways to better our world.

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